Recursive DNS – Adminor

Adminor has shutdown its last internal recursive DNS. It will not permit recursion (DNS lookup of non authorative domains) from other IPs outside of Adminors own network.

Customers on Adminors IP ranges can still use it as a DNS server for lookups, although we recommend googles:


This change has been made to reduce the risk of Adminors DNS server being used in DNS amplification attacks.

Maintenance 00:30 – 00:50 2015-11-10

An emergency maintenance was performed at 00:30 to 00:50 to update some critical nodes.

We apologize for this inconvenience.
Due to a configuration error the network did not come back online as planned and the maintenance windows was felt for our customers. Manual intervention by on-call technician was required to rectify this issue.

This update was performed on Adminor and Transit providers network edge causing disruption. Since the update caused errors some of the updates were rolled back.
Another update will be attempted at another scheduled time.