Co-location electricity prices


It has most likely not gone unnoticed by anyone that the electricity
prices are hitting record highs across Europe. During the winter
months, we know from experience that the price of electricity goes
up, something we always take in consideration when we price our
services, but this year we’ll need to adjust our electricity price
for those of you who have colocation and rent an entire rack.

Last year the price of electricity increased by over 500 percent in
Sweden, compared to 2020. The new price level has continued into
2022 and we see no end to these electricity prices in a foreseeable future.

The adjustment of the electricity price will be activated in the
months where the average electricity spot price exceeds SEK 0.75/kWh.
On these occasions, we will adjust the electricity price by SEK 10
per kW per month for each Swedish öre it exceeds SEK 0.75/kWh.

For customers in Stockholm and Falkenberg, the spot price will be
regulated according to electricity area SE3 resp SE4.

Price example: if the average electricity spot price during a month
is SEK
0.85 / kWh, we will charge SEK 100 extra per kW and month.

The price adjustment will take effect first of March this year!

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